Wednesday, March 14, 2007

pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

An update for the faithful. It was my intention to do an FTP this week, but I have *a lot* going on. Here's a recap:

a new job (actually, 3 jobs in 1)
a new Crescent Vignette
production of Crescent
getting the Crescent manuscript ready for zee agents
PRBH album (2 new songs done)
Pharmacy Prophets show (big big rocka rocka)
Preggo wife (very cute and awesome)
sleep (uh, seriously?)

So, if you haven't seen me around on the intra-web-net-thingie, it's because any pockets of free time I might've had in the past are now brimming with things to do! That being said, there'll be a delay between now and the release of the next FTP. :) But, it will contain a Tee Morris interview, and that, at least, is worth the wait.

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