Thursday, March 29, 2007

a super ninja quick quick update

Hey gang,

I wanted to get infront of a microphone last night and say all this...but I spent the time working on the new Crescent Promo and the fifth (extra special) Vignette. It's been a whole lotta Crescent for me lately. It's wild. Last August, when I embarked on Crescent, doesn't seem so far away. Really, it feels like it was just yesterday when I was put down the first few words of what was to be a writing side project.

Quick update:
1. New Crescent Vignette tomorrow with some news about the novel itself
2. I'm playing a solo set at Whitlows in Alrington next week (4.4.07) for all you DC Metro listeners. I'll post details next week.
3. New Bad Habit track next week.
4. Twenty-week ultra sound was awesome. I'll share a picture or two soon.


Thursday, March 15, 2007

help a tee morris out

Man Vs. Child with Tee & Serena

This is more or less word fo word from Mr. Morris' site.

If you weren’t aware of it, The Discovery Channel is holding an open call for fans to poke a little fun at their programming. It’s called YouSpoof Discovery and fans are pulling no punches in what they are submitting…

Neither are Paul Fischer, Martha Holloway, and Tee Morris.

Poking a little fun at Man Vs. Wild (a favorite of ours), Dancing Cat & Imagine That! Studios present Man Vs. Child where Science Fiction/Fantasy author and podcaster, Tee Morris, is left alone in his house with a 2-year-old while his wife runs errands. Armed only with household items and his wits, Tee is followed by a camera crew and gives tips on how to survive.

Their hope is to kick up some hype and get a high resolution-full screen presentation of this on Discovery for their next YouSpoof Special. So to get people talking, here’s what I'm asking of you once you watch this ten-minute video:

  1. post a comment on it at Lulu TV and make it one of your favorites. You need to find the orange on black “make favorite” text on the right. Then, you should get a slider bar above saying “click here to rate”. Clicking as close to the right side as you can will give us the highest possible rating.
  2. Pop this on
  3. Digg this at

The more attention you give these fine peeps, the higher our chances of appearing on Discovery. Enjoy the video, everyone! Stay tuned for more news concerning Man Vs. Child.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

An update for the faithful. It was my intention to do an FTP this week, but I have *a lot* going on. Here's a recap:

a new job (actually, 3 jobs in 1)
a new Crescent Vignette
production of Crescent
getting the Crescent manuscript ready for zee agents
PRBH album (2 new songs done)
Pharmacy Prophets show (big big rocka rocka)
Preggo wife (very cute and awesome)
sleep (uh, seriously?)

So, if you haven't seen me around on the intra-web-net-thingie, it's because any pockets of free time I might've had in the past are now brimming with things to do! That being said, there'll be a delay between now and the release of the next FTP. :) But, it will contain a Tee Morris interview, and that, at least, is worth the wait.