Monday, January 15, 2007

I have not Pod Faded

I haven't pod-faded, in case you're all wondering. Believe it or not, I actually recorded Episode 16 of Filling the Page last week. It was rushed and just not up to the standards of quality I've come to impose on myself. So, I won't be posting it.

I'm investing my efforts into the Pickles Tales competition at the moment and that, along with a couple of other PodCast projects, is taking up the casting bandwidth. The PodCast will be back in Febuary, full force. I'll continue to work on all my other projects between now and then ,with the plan to have some new, cool stuff to share when I do release Episode 16. You see, for me, it's more important that I produce a good podcast and not just release episodes for the sake of meeting a schedule. It's not for lack of love for you, my audience - if anything, it's the opposite.

I'll be posting my round four winning tune - Daylight Come (Penelope's Song) on the feed tonight.

Below is a shot from Friday night's show courtesy of Zach. Iota is, hands down, one of my favorite places to play. Ever.

And today's APOD is just to cool not to share:

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