Thursday, November 02, 2006


In honor of NanoWrimo, here's the Phil Rossi battleplan to turn November into a raucous productivity-fest:

- 50,000 words over multiple projects
- Record a new song a week
- PodCast

I've got a cool announcement. You've heard me mention 7th Son on the p-cast. I've mentioned that JC has released Book II. On November 14th, there will be a guest appearance on 7th Son by none other than Firefly's Nathan Fillion. Very kick ass. Congratulations, JC!

All you FTP'rs, go check out JC's stuff. He's the man - he's had great things to say about this PodCast and even played my promo on one of his 7th Son Episodes.

1 comment:

JRMurdock said...

Very Cool Phil.

Um.. so, what happened? No Template? Sup wit dat?

oh, and good luck with 50K words. Keep us posted on your progress.