Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A post of worth

I haven't written a decent blog post in almost a month. So, here is a shot at doing just that.

My birthday is coming up on Friday. It's hard to believe another year of my life has gone by. I'm not going to make this a year in review post - maybe I'll do that on Friday. If you haven't already noticed, the PodCast is a week late. There was just too much going on last week (not to mention, I only had a day-and-half at home base to get stuff done before heading to CT). I had to scramble to get my Pickle Tales entry completed and that was all I had time for in the end. I think you should go vote for me (if you like the goods, that is)!

I actually managed to write a bit while in CT with the ol' get up before everyone else routine. My plan is to finish the first draft of Crescent by the end of December. That will mean a pause in the Thread Garden, but those characters aren't going anywhere without me. It's nice to be in control ;-)

Progress on the Phil Rossi and the Bad Habit EP proceeds unhindered. Well, mostly, unhindered. I need to restring my guitars and currently I have no money for strings. The Pharmacy Prophets continue to write cool, different material for our ambitious Fantome' project.

Suffice to say, I'm busy, but a happy camper.

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