Thursday, November 30, 2006

episode 15: burn out (episode mcshortie)

Episode 15 is here - a week late - but better late than never. I had a lot going on before the Thanksgiving holiday and quite simply ran out of time. (pictured above - scene from the Great Thanksgiving Mustache Caper)

What to expect in episode 15:
Burn out and how to cope
What are they smoking?
New track: Sally

And other goodies.

Links del sauce-a-lito
Alan Light's CIC
New Tee Morris Podiobook - Feb 2007!
Paul Levinson's Light on Light Through

Let's not forget about Pickle Tales. Round two was some tough competition.

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1 comment:

JRMurdock said...

The only thing I could think after the 'What are they smoking' segment was Spicoli beating his head with a shoe saying "Dude! I'm soooo wasted".

Another great one, Phil.