Thursday, November 30, 2006

episode 15: burn out (episode mcshortie)

Episode 15 is here - a week late - but better late than never. I had a lot going on before the Thanksgiving holiday and quite simply ran out of time. (pictured above - scene from the Great Thanksgiving Mustache Caper)

What to expect in episode 15:
Burn out and how to cope
What are they smoking?
New track: Sally

And other goodies.

Links del sauce-a-lito
Alan Light's CIC
New Tee Morris Podiobook - Feb 2007!
Paul Levinson's Light on Light Through

Let's not forget about Pickle Tales. Round two was some tough competition.

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A post of worth

I haven't written a decent blog post in almost a month. So, here is a shot at doing just that.

My birthday is coming up on Friday. It's hard to believe another year of my life has gone by. I'm not going to make this a year in review post - maybe I'll do that on Friday. If you haven't already noticed, the PodCast is a week late. There was just too much going on last week (not to mention, I only had a day-and-half at home base to get stuff done before heading to CT). I had to scramble to get my Pickle Tales entry completed and that was all I had time for in the end. I think you should go vote for me (if you like the goods, that is)!

I actually managed to write a bit while in CT with the ol' get up before everyone else routine. My plan is to finish the first draft of Crescent by the end of December. That will mean a pause in the Thread Garden, but those characters aren't going anywhere without me. It's nice to be in control ;-)

Progress on the Phil Rossi and the Bad Habit EP proceeds unhindered. Well, mostly, unhindered. I need to restring my guitars and currently I have no money for strings. The Pharmacy Prophets continue to write cool, different material for our ambitious Fantome' project.

Suffice to say, I'm busy, but a happy camper.

Monday, November 27, 2006

post holiday

I survived the holidays, therefore, episode 15 will be posted this week.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

episode 14: strike your fantasy with caffeine

Quickie show notes:

Bouncing off the walls hepped up on caffeine. I say a lot of words including (but not limited to): focus, music, so, and, writing, November, Ashtray.

Links del sauce-a-lito
7th Son
Pickle Tales
Tee Morris

Correction: I know NanoWrimo is not national writing month, but national novel writing mouth. Call me marble mouth :-p

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Sunday, November 05, 2006

pickle tales

A quick update: my submission for PodCast Pickle's Pickle Tales story telling competition was one of twelve pieces accepted for the battle royale. :)

The Pickle Tales team reviewed the initial batch of entries for creativity, writing and skill of production and my short piece "Vagabond" was chosen to move on. It will be played on the Pickle Tales feed tomorrow. You've got three days to vote for me (if you like the story) and help me move on to round two!

Needless to say, I'm surrounded by good company.

Updated voting info:
Well gang, if you my submission, take five minutes and give me a vote

Go here to register (quick process):

Then go here to vote (and hear my story, along with the other great

Just click the radio button next to the story entitled "Vagabond."

Thanks for the support!

Thursday, November 02, 2006


In honor of NanoWrimo, here's the Phil Rossi battleplan to turn November into a raucous productivity-fest:

- 50,000 words over multiple projects
- Record a new song a week
- PodCast

I've got a cool announcement. You've heard me mention 7th Son on the p-cast. I've mentioned that JC has released Book II. On November 14th, there will be a guest appearance on 7th Son by none other than Firefly's Nathan Fillion. Very kick ass. Congratulations, JC!

All you FTP'rs, go check out JC's stuff. He's the man - he's had great things to say about this PodCast and even played my promo on one of his 7th Son Episodes.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

bad template

I don't like this blog template one bit. Ugly!

Update: Green is gone. I'm going with "blank".