Thursday, October 19, 2006

episode 12: trip the light spooktastic - part 1

We get our ghost on this week. Tales of Dudleytown (entrance road pictured above), one of the most hautned spots on the East Coast. Zach calls into the show and recounts a story of New England small town horror. And bowling.

Also in this episode, the premiere of my new short story, Pot Belly. Part one this week, part two next week (yes, I said next week. Two weeks of FTP - sweet.)

I received a few more audio submissions today. Please allow me to say, you all rock. They'll be in next week's show.


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1 comment:

StrangerDrums said...

We've got to work on voicemail sound quality before I leave another message...that was pretty garbled.

Good show. We both had a Warrens reference. Spooky.