Tuesday, September 19, 2006

he could only move his little eyes

Looking back, it's tough to think that Doobie [pictured below] was ever paralyzed. It was a pretty terrible situation that came at an already stressful time. It sucked. At the same time, I think both Jen and I learned something about ourselves, something about our love for each other, and something about our love for the little poo-eater. Looking at him bound around the house, pant, and jump onto Jen's laptop knocking off a quarter of the keysn provides a constant reminder that even when things are crappy it is possible to make it through to brighter shores.

No, I haven't been sitting here waxing philosophical all morning...just now. I found a picture of Perushka taking advantage of the fact that Doobie couldn't move and it got me thinking.

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