Monday, August 28, 2006

state of the union

I was reprimanded on Saturday night. You see, I haven't made a squeak or a peep about the goings on in my special universe in sometime. And now you, my voyeuristic friends and family members, are getting restless. I'm going to give it a shot. I'll try to appease your appetite while at the same time not stuff you so full of magical delights that you don't feel the need to visit me ever again.

Like that would ever happen!

First order of business. Adam had requested I post a few more wedding pictures. I updated an older photo album not too long ago, but of course, neglected to link it anywhere. There are about 5,283 pictures from the month long occasion. I'm going to endeavor to create multiple galleries. At this time, I haven't mustered up the courage or motivation to futz around with the database on my server so that I can install phpGallery (which is super swanky, by the way - especially for massive uploads).

So, here you Adam and the whole lot you: A Bit of the Nuptials

Second order of business. Work on the studio has been completed, with the exception of some minor tweaks. Jen did all the work herself, with minimal assistance. If you ever hear me talk about being feeling under appreciated, go ahead and kick me square in the mommy-daddy box. I've got a few pictures: My Precious

I love it. I've been having a gay ol' time getting acquainted with my new gear.

Okay. Now that I've gotten that bit out of the way, I can let you know what I'm up to. I'm writing a lot of music, focused around putting together a solo EP. You can hear one of the offerings up on the MySpace page (Bright Midnight). The Habit album has stalled out for the moment being, due to various reasons. These things do happen, and it is a bummer for all involved. Ann and Zach have invested some serious effort and Brian is eager to record weird sounds. I'm sure we'll get some of it completed soon.

For right now, my heart is definitely in my new material. I'm writing from a different place than I have in the past and its place I need to be writing from. For whatever that is worth, and whatever that means....

It was 100% bad ass to play at Iota this past Saturday. There were oodles of people there - familiar faces and complete strangers alike. I played a lot of the aforementioned new material and it went over handsomely. Afterwards, I did a little jig and drank beer(s) with my loving friends, allowing them to praise me and my coif. Brad Pugh if you are reading - thanks again for giving me that opportunity.

On to the writing. I can sum this up with a fair degree of ease. I haven't been writing at all. Last month, I started rewriting my first novel. This quickly became a disheartening experience. Now - I didn't find the manuscript to be complete crap. The story is solid. The writing is...bleh. To my defense, it is my first novel and at the time of writing it, I wasn't reading anything and hadn't read a book in years. What did I expect? Did I think I'd be writing with the same glory and panache as Neil Gaiman? Who knows...Regardless, I'm not sure how to proceed with that project. The past couple months have presented themselves with certain stresses, thus making it more difficult to put pen to paper. I need to start writing again for the sheer fact that I enjoy it a great deal. I'm (hopefully) having cocktails with Tee Morris tomorrow, I'm sure he'll have some inspiring words to say.

And finally, the PodCast. That's been the lowest (sorry!) on the priority totem pole. But, with the ground feeling pretty solid beneath my feet, I will likely kick it off again. It may progress in a different direction. I dig the idea do doing some serialized fiction as Mur Lafferty did with her Heaven tale. I'll try and keep this blog updated.


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