Monday, April 24, 2006

it's been nice knowin' ya

This is King. He twenty pounds of feline. King has been living with us, along with his compadre, Peanut for nearly a year now. He and Peanut will be moving out on Friday. I was reticent when they moved in, but now I'm sad to see both of them go. But, their affection is needed elsewhere - and we're not really lacking in the animal departement, anyway.

Recording the PodCast tonight, or at least a portion of it. You can look for it later in the week.

I continue to pull tunes out of my...hat left and write. I've put off the novel-rino for the past couple weeks, as I did accomplish my initial goal of polishing up the first three chapters for submission. But, I've been hit with the bat of inspiration from Mur's PodCast and the Tee Morris interview on the DeadPan.

I'm going to try to find time to polish another couple chapters.

Off to NYC this weekend with the Bad Habit. Whee!

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