Thursday, April 20, 2006

available in lady's small and extra small only

Thanks Jeremy and Andrea for starting....something.

It's been an interesting week thus far. After getting back from a great weekend trip to CT to visit the ol' fam, I decided to make Tuesday a night full of making electronic music. As it turns out, Windows XP decided to burn my night away in napalm blast of frustration. I should've just picked up the guitar at the first "unable to switch device, please install pointlessfile.INF", shunning technology all together. But I didn't. I confess, I fell into this classic WinSuck trap and spent several hours trying to figure out why Reason (a kick ass soft-synth program of sorts) thought my computer was an idiot.

I couldn't sleep later that night, even dosed on sleep-aids. The fact that I couldn't make the computer work was driving me crazy. I got out of bed around 1:00am, discovered a temporary fix and worked up a few cool loops. Considering I was on an over-the-counter sleep aid, I'm sure said loops mostly consist of fart noises and water-fowl mating calls.

Last night, I managed to get away from the city lights for a little stargazing. It was needed. I feel a lot more relaxed today. Thanks for asking. I'll be posting in detail about that in my other, other, other blog. Prophets practice tonight. We'll be working on some new tunes. Habit practice this weekend in prep for the NYC debauchery that is fast approaching. Details on that show to come. I also have a PodCast to deliver this coming monday. Feed back was great for the last one. I think you people are afraid of the telephone. Please call in, lest I resort to: "So in so from here and there wrote me to say, nice podcast." or "So in so from here and there wrote me to say, you have beautiful eyes." Or "So in so from here and there said, meet me behind the super Target in Sterling - wear comfortable shoes."


As for now, it's time for my run. Be sexy.

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