Monday, March 27, 2006

episode 4: paris and back again

Welcome to Episode 4 of Filling the Page. We can't be stopped. Or rather, I can't be stopped. Prepare to be regaled with the gripping tales of Paris, a book review or two, and the first ever airing of my fiction - Chapter 1 of a Prayer for Rain. I had some minor technical difficulties with the recording process and overcame most of them. Show volume level might be a few dB lower than last week, but that is why the good Jebus created the volume knob.

Show notes:

the Kite Runner
Spherical Tomi
Jack Mangan

The closing tune is Highway 85 by your very own Phil Rossi and the Bad Habit to appear on the forthcoming album.

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Presenting the Smart Car, made entirely of reconstituted baguette and fromage.

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