Monday, March 27, 2006

episode 4: paris and back again

Welcome to Episode 4 of Filling the Page. We can't be stopped. Or rather, I can't be stopped. Prepare to be regaled with the gripping tales of Paris, a book review or two, and the first ever airing of my fiction - Chapter 1 of a Prayer for Rain. I had some minor technical difficulties with the recording process and overcame most of them. Show volume level might be a few dB lower than last week, but that is why the good Jebus created the volume knob.

Show notes:

the Kite Runner
Spherical Tomi
Jack Mangan

The closing tune is Highway 85 by your very own Phil Rossi and the Bad Habit to appear on the forthcoming album.

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Presenting the Smart Car, made entirely of reconstituted baguette and fromage.

here I am, baby

You’ll hear all about this in the forthcoming PodCast, but I’m just giddy to be back on track. I jumped back on the novel editing and I’m back at it with the recording. Things sound yummy
I think I’m finally beating off this nasty bug.


Wednesday, March 22, 2006

germs are so inconsiderate

The nasty cold monster has decided to stick around longer than I would’ve liked. I had hoped to record the PodCast this evening (Wednesday), but the odds grow more slim with each successive cough, sniffle, sneeze, and groan. There have been *a lot* of new subscriptions over the past several days (Thanks Mur). I not disappoint any of you fine people, both new and existing listeners. If I don’t get to it by weeks end, I promise to be back on track next week.

This weekend, I’m up to the Big Apple to lend credence to the adage, “the show must go on.” It’s always an interesting experiment in biochemistry when doing a show feeling like death warmed over. You’ve got to find the right amount of Afrin, honey, tea, and whiskey to supplement the adrenaline of performing to make you viable for forty-five minutes to an hour.

Monday, March 20, 2006

they let me back in to the country

Paris was great. I’m more than slightly jet-lagged and I feel like I spent last night gargling razor blades. Why am I telling you this? (other than for the sympathy and love) It means the PodCast will be a little late.

Treats will include but will not be limited to:
the magical properties of Parisian water
the bad teacher
the riotous youth
the cougher

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

photography schtuffs

Had some fun with the camera on the way home from work last night...not that kind fun! You people. Click the image below to check out some of the shots. :)

Octavia Butler

Octavia Butler, author of the recent novel Fledgling, and several other novels, pasted away recently.  There is a great interview with Octavia at the Dragon Page.   Be sure to check it out.


episode 3: look out paris, here I come

Welcome to Episode #3 of Filling the Page – the best Phil Rossi PodCast anywhere. I’m getting ready to head out to Paris at the end of the week, but decided to put together a bonus show. On this week’s show, I confess a deep-rooted fear, I have a computer meltdown and lose fifteen minutes of PodCast glory, and, subsequently, I re-record the show on too much beery goodness.

Comments, questions, proclamations of love? Leave a voice mail, comment, or send an email.

Talk to you in a couple of weeks!

Promos (don’t act surprised).

I Should be Writing
Dragon Page

Other links of interest:
Pyramid Brewery
The Pharmacy Prophets
Tee Morris (I had talked about Tee on the PodCast, unfortunately, his shout out was gobbled by the gremlins).

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Current Research:

Monday, March 06, 2006

Les animaux du film

Warming up/figuring out how to use the camera prior to the great Parisan adventure. Snapped a few animal shots. Because, they make good subjects - not the best behaved, but certainly the cutest.