Wednesday, January 25, 2006


I confess.

I haven't worked on editing the novel *at all*. That's not to see I don't have several other creative enterprises in the mix. I've just started work on the Phil Rossi and the Bad Habit album de force. The Pharmacy Prophets are writing a lot of new, kick ass music. And I'm trying my hand at a bit of the photography with a broken camera. Bear in mind, none of the activities really interfere with the editing of the novel. However, I have picked up a bit of freelance web work and the only times I can play designer are those where I would normally be novelizing. However, money before literary magic. 2006 is all about getting things done and I'd hazard to say that both this novel and the first shall be fully edited before Spring.

So, about the photography. I can't say how much I'd love to own a nice, digital SLR. That's just not in the budget right now. What I've got to work with is an older Nikon camera that thinks the batteries are always dead - that, and it shuts down for no reason other than apparent laziness.

I drive some interesting country roads on the way into work. There are a ton of great subjects. Today, I finally left early enough to be able to pull over for a few quick shots. You can click on the photo for a bigger shot.

I'd like to do a whole series of photos with buildings and objects that are in disuse/left behind. There's this little derelict eatery on route 28. Lots of good opportunites for pictures. However, I got to this last and the camera died.

On route 28 there is a building that is totally falling apart. Again, a lot of good photos can be taken here. I played a bit in Photoshop, with curves.

This last shot I took as the camera was gasping its dying breath - through the windshield, no less.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

here's to a bright 2006

I am absolutely ecstatic right now as I’ve discovered my favorite band of all time will be touring in the United States. This happens about as often as me waking up in the morning saying “I can’t wait to go to work today!” I realize this bit of good news may seem to have nothing to do with writing. The Sisters of Mercy served as the soundtrack to many chapters of both the books I’ve written thus far. It is only appropriate that I take this opportunity to express my glee.


It is now 2006. Pretty crazy to fathom that 2005 has come and gone. I’m hungry to finish off these two books. I’m am ready to sit back in front of the computer, with the notes I’ve made (scribbles, line-outs, drawings, hieroglyphics, etc…) and bang this puppy out. I want to finish this project sooner rather than later (of course). I have a clear picture of my next novel and I’m really eager to get started on that. With that said, I don’t want to rush this phase of the editing. I’m in a place now where I can really bring the world, the characters, and their stories to full life.
And that is what I plan on doing. I’ll start with book two and go back to book one once I’m done with that. I’m excited and I feel like I can now introduce the project properly.

The Lovidian Cycle
Book I: A Prayer for Rain
Book II: Floodlands

Happy New Year!

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