Monday, December 12, 2005

filling the page with little pen marks

Well, it certainly has been a while, hasn’t it? The holiday season has always been hectic, and this year has been no exception. December is half over and Christmas is fast approaching. I’m now more than halfway through editing (scribbling) on the hard copy of the book. I’m right on track. I’ve definitely been enjoying reading the story. It’s good, what can I say?

I’ve tried to be very careful up to this point. There has been the urge to really speed through things. I really don’t want to rush it. I’m not trying to set a record or winning a race. It is amazing how much you can change an entire chapter just by massaging a few key sentences. It is this subtly that, in my opinion, makes for a great book. Each word is worth a million dollars. Each sentence is worth its weight in fine malted hops and barley. I tread with caution. If I’m feeling the slightest bit disengaged or impatient, I set the mighty ream of paper aside.

There have been no major rewrites thus far. I’ve tweaked various passages, but for the most part, the hardcopy edits have been stylistic tweaking. Getting the most of out my words and sentences. Then it’s back to the pitter-patter of my lovely fingers on the keyboard. I discovered a well-placed outlet in Starbucks and wonder if there is such an outlet in the pub. One can only hope.

Cheers and happy holidays!

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