Monday, November 07, 2005

week four

I’d like to cordially welcome myself to week four of the life of my book.  Week three was pretty much a bust.   If you’ve been following my word count, I only wrote a relative handful of material.   I’m not feeling too guilty about it.   Well, maybe I feel a little guilty about the time spent playing God of War and watching TV.    I’m only an [easily distractible] human – what do ya expect?

Okay.  I had a week prolificacy.   Then, I had a week of laziness. I guess that isn’t entirely accurate.  My activities just didn’t completely revolve around writing, is all.  Where does that put me now?  Well.  Some ideas I had prior to the week of laziness are a little hazy – which is why I took notes when the ideas came to me.    It’s simple, really.  I’ll sit down, and write.  Full well knowing these first 1,000 words or so will be like pulling teeth. Then again, maybe they won’t.   I am feeling eager to get back to it.

I think many of us writers come against the wall when we’re forced (passively or aggressively) to take some time of.   The question always arises of (How will I get back into this project?).    The answer is simple.
Do it.

Now I shall state my goal.  Give me a second to climb atop the mountain so that I may say it loud and say it proud.   Ready?  I will finish the first draft of this bastard by my birthday.  On December 1st, you all may send me cards that a)say happy birthday b)sing praises to my name for finishing the draft.

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