Tuesday, November 01, 2005

how I spent my break

It's odd. Driving into work today, I felt like I hadn't written in a week. Likely, that is the byproduct of writing my nice buns off last week (and they are quite nice). That or maybe I was in the bar a lot longer than I thought. I must say, I am feeling remarkably refreshed. The Ashburn Pub was my best friend last night. Monday night football was the aural backdrop (along with the cheers and jeers of the football fans). The nice thing about the Pub on a week night is there really isn't a crowd to speak of. I had my choice of seating, the booth of course, and got individual attention from the bartender. All of these positive factors contributed to an instant state of calm.

I went on to enjoy several frosty and delicious beverages (Captain was the poison of the night). I also went on to write a copious amount of notes adding up to the next third of the book (Why a third? Arbitrary choice – it sounds better than “chunk”). As the night wore on, and my level of sobriety shifted slightly, my attention span began to dwindle. Fortunately, the Jen showed up around that time and we shared a tasty sammich and then called it a night.

Moral of the story? Sometimes it’s just good to remove yourself completely from your writing sanctuary. The change of scenery and vibe was indicative in sorting out some tricky plot snags and generated some shocking and new ideas for the book. I was able to take a break but continue in my productivity, all at the same time.

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