Tuesday, November 08, 2005

character sketch - loralie arlyle

I thought I’d do something a little different today.    Per suggestion, I’ve written up a brief character sketch of one of the prominent players in this story.  Don’t worry; I haven’t spoiled any critical plot lines. I tried to remain as vague as possible ;-)

Loralie Arlyle – the Lady Baroness of Trenton  
Loralie has been an interesting character to watch develop during the course of the two books.  In book two, she plays a larger role.   I must say, as I’ve been writing her, I’ve grown to really love her character.  Loralie is a beautiful creature with delicate but proud features.  She has her father, the Lord Baron Arlyle, to thank for the thick mane of red hair - always worn it in a tight bun.  To flaunt the hair would just not be proper. Loralie has always been a self-reliant soul – independent and carefree with no few true sources of stress.  Her only charge is to excel in the predominantly male-attended Royal University.  Large scale responsibilities begin to pile atop her shoulders as the world rapidly changes around her. While attempting to struggle with these outside forces, she is taxed with a myriad of inner conflicts, including, but not limited to bearing the child of a man she loathes.  A painful question weighs heavy on her heart – will she hate this child, as she hates the father, when it is finally born?

Word count:  64,100

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