Monday, November 28, 2005

can you kill brain cells by eating too much?

The first part of this devastating holiday season has come and gone.   I am wider, softer, and more tired than I was a week ago.  What does that mean?   It was a great, multi-feast Thanksgiving.   To recap, I partook in three glorious meals.   Two on Thanksgiving (at my cousin, Maria’s house…we Italians know how to throw down), and then another at the Rossi parent’s house on Saturday.  I got to spend a ton of quality time with the Jen, my parents, and my nieces and nephew.    We had a celebration for the engagement as well as an early birthday celebration.  Everything was capped off by a gig with el Habito Male at the Acoustic Café in CT.

I feel completely brain dead today.  It might have to do with either the “turkey sweats” or the endless drive home last night.  Tonight, Jen and I are “celebrating our love” by getting Indian cuisine and a DVD.   I personally will be celebrating my first successful (the word is relative) completion of a short story as well as the opening night of editing the novel.

Go team!

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