Wednesday, November 02, 2005

a bit of illumination

Yesterday, I wrote like a human being that has responsibilities that are non-writing related (what?). I hit my daily minimum (2,000 words, if you’re wondering). Of course, it left me eager to write more, but last night was all about quality time with loved ones (pets and people, alike). One of the many (relatively speaking) loyal readers of this blog sent me a request this morning. He is interested in learning a little more about the book(s). In going forward, I will provide periodic glimpses about the substance of the book, as well as some of the more visceral experiences in telling the story.

The working synopsis for Book I: A Prayer for Rain is as follows:

Scentless. Tasteless. It is the key to life, prosperity, and power – the inciter of great wars and the cause of even greater champions. Lafranjia is running out of water.

A woman, plagued by a mysterious and crippling illness, digs through the echoes of a civilization long dead, seeking answers to questions of her past and future. She will lead an unlikely group of adventurers into the shadows of a secret and forbidden place. Here, salvation will be found and an ancient evil will be awakened. In this forgotten city, they will all sing A Prayer for Rain.

The first book serves to establish the foundation of the world, Lafranjia. It introduces the reader to the key elements of this world including, but not limited to places, history, population, economy, and political structure as seen through they eyes of the main characters. It is story about (to be as unpretentious as possible) searching for answers, finding answers, and finding more questions. It takes the characters from their established routines and thrusts them into an ever changing environment. There is a healthy dose of deceit, lust, love, greed, and horror tossed into the mix.

Book II: Floodlands (working title) picks up only several months after where the first book has left off. It is a logical continuation in the development of characters in the first book and their relationship to each other and the environment. This book is more expansive in terms of revealing the history of this world, which is integral to the events of both books. The reader, through the characters, gets taken to new and strange places. Conflict increases in scope in this book as everyone careens toward some final, climatic resolution.

Obviously, I tried to be as vague as possible. I don’t want to give away any plot secrets. What fun would that be?

Current word count: 54, 310.

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