Thursday, November 17, 2005

and I'm done

One month, several bottles a wine, and ten sore finger tips later, I’m done with my second novel.  It was definitely an intense process.  It went far faster than I would have imagined.  There were days when I was not motivated to write, but I still sat down in front of the computer and with fingers like lead, I churned out several thousand words.  In our day to day lives, as busy as we get, there are a lot hidden pockets of free time.  I’d use lunch breaks and spend an hour writing.  I’d get up early before work and write for a couple of hours. I’d stay up late.  I established weekly goals and did what it took to meet them.

There was a big difference between writing this book and my first book.  The first novel was written over the span of a year, with many breaks in between.  It was hard to keep things cohesive and there were times where I lost a sense of character and/or place.  That was not an issue with this book.    Writing at least five days a week, even if for a small span of time, kept things fresh and characters real.

I’m thrilled to be done with the book.  The plan now is to take off a week or two.   During this time I hope to zone out for a bit and perhaps churn out a few short stories (while writing some new music and spending a bit of time stargazing).

Presently, I’m enjoying a glass of wine and watching some mindless TV.   To all of you who are endeavoring to write something – anything – it can be done.  Just keep writing.

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