Friday, October 28, 2005

chicken with spicy black bean sauce

Magnificently, it is Friday. I knew it would come quick – it’s been a fast week. It has been a week frought with food delivered to the doorstep and many bottles of red wine. I’ve accomplished more on this Monday-to-Friday thing than I thought possible. I wrote, get this, 10K worth of words yesterday – in a single freakin’ day. Now, if it seems like I’m bragging, I am. I just never thought I was capable of that level of productivity. I don’t want to be misleading. It’s probably 115 pages worth of crap. I’d be lying if I said it was difficult to sit at a computer and do the following for a few hours:

Chapter 12:
Aslkjasfdljaf lk alsdkfjl ksdjlfkjlka sdlfkj lkjsdlkjf l alskdfjlkjas lkfj lksdf lfkldjlakfl lkjfldkjoalkd flkjlsdkf l fkdkdkdk lalaldkfj aslkdf lakj dl#$#%! Al ajkdf l alkdj lfkf k dfllak dk dlsk fljotoijs akldk fkljdsoit fkdla. LASkasdf lkd fl ls.

You get the picture.

At any rate, I’m in a very good position to hit my goal. I know I won’t be able to duplicate this verbosity next week. I have to return to the land of the living. No more take out. I have got to get to the gym. I’ll worry about next week in about 20K. Last I checked, it's still this week.

This week is all about the writing.

Current word count: 32, 389


Is he to be reached? said...

Ooh. I can't wait for chapter 13.

Phil Rossi said...

Watch yerself. It could be like the Shining.

Is he to be reached? said...

It won't, though.

Tommy D said...

It's like a marathon, man. Writing! I mean it can knock the daylights out of you. I think your goal is attainable and I pray that you make it. It's like reaching for the stars - you gotta shoot high.

You look like you may be a Rocker or a Teddy Boy or a Lennon or someone? Were you tired when someone took your picture, or is that your over the shoulder James Dean look? Tis cool.

Phil Rossi said...

Well. I'm going to meet my goal for the day (just 3K away) which gives me hope that Sunday night will end the way I it want to.

I've been called a rocker. I've also been called worse. ;-) I was, ehem, less-than-sober when that picture was taken. And it became an instant classic.

My musical endeavors are out there on the Internet for those brave enough to seek'm.

Happy Friday!

Tommy D said...

Thanks, I'm not going to try to top your comment, it can't be done. Don't think I haven't bopped around your site a bit and learned a few lessons also.

Take care,

Tommy D