Thursday, October 20, 2005

And so it begins

I thought it'd be nice to have a journal devoted to my continuing efforts as a writer. I was inspired bythis PodCast to do so. I felt the urge to add to my increasing lists of blogs...if only to let Brian and Zach say mean things to me. Actually, I did think it'd be interesting for people to see what this process is like for me. I regretted not keeping a running journal when I was doing the first novel, so as I begin the second novel, I thought I'd toss this up for the fun of it. You just might be interested. Who knows.

With that said.

I started my second novel this week. It's a continuation of A Prayer For Rain (the first book). It is a sequel. I'm not going to deny it. It's argued that a sequel is poor use of time and effort if you don't know how the first book in the series will fare. But, I'm not done telling the, not much left for me to do, but write the sequel. I'll went on the prequel. Promise.

I'm happy to report, the muse has definitely bitten. The ideas are flowing like crazy. I've started keeping my mini-cassette recorder in the car (as I spend so much time in the car). It's a great way to capture ideas. Time is at a premium these days. When the dust of the Prophets CD Release finally settles, I'll be getting up in the mornings to write for a couple of hours. I'll sammich some time in on my lunch break, and whatever evenings I can manage to sneak in a few more minutes.

Every word counts.

So, with that said, I'll finish off by saying I hit 5,000 words today.


StrangerDrums said...

Dear Johnny Scatterbrained,

I can't ignore an invitation....

I was really hoping for some claymation....WTF? How many blogs can one person possible maintain?

How about some distractions from your distractions?

Does anything ever come into focus for more then a week at a time?

Brilliant.....good luck....and

You owe me at least three songs worth of scratch tracks.


Is he to be reached? said...

On your way to five thousand blogs. Probably weren't on the list of "people who needs more blogs". Ack.

Unfocused? nah, he's just our local drunken renaissance guy. Some music, some novels, some clay.

Can I hear something about the first novel so i can give you crap about the sequel in a more informed, targeted fashion?

Phil Rossi said...

local drunken renaissance guy. That is a very eloquent way of saying "foo'".